Articulate an envisioned future and craft a strategic roadmap to drive profound community impact and economic growth

  • Articulate Growth Strategies
  • Build Business Models & Brands

Create an envisioned future and strategic roadmap for the next 10 years on the 30th anniversary of The Peace Center – a center for the living arts that serves more than 360,000 guests and drives more than $42 million in annual economic activity each year. This included a swat analysis, vision, mission, values and strategic pillars. Facilitated the process with the executive and presented it to the board of directors.

Goosebumps Moment:

Realizing that a dynamic campus is one that allows you to find your own center.

Pure magic.  The team successfully extracted the many ideas spinning around in my head and wrapped them in a succinctly clear document with the most perfect overarching goal.  We were then positioned to share a strategic roadmap with our Trustees for feedback and input.  The process is efficient and fun; their ability to facilitate is flawless!

CEO, Peace Center