Drive health care professional conversion to a new generation leukemia treatment

  • Map & Transform Customer Experiences
  • Build Business Models & Brands

Developed an FDA approved positioning and messaging campaign in record time. By highlighting a defensible, competitive point of difference for their second generation drug, the company hit their targets and grew the business more than 26% in the first year after launch.

  • Profound insight articulation 
  • Customer experience mapping with key Moments of Truth prioritization
  • Value proposition development
  • Activation Ideation & Execution

Goosebumps Moment:

Hiring a lobbyist to share their secret to winning an unwinnable argument and applying that to our challenge for breakthrough insight.

This initiative was a game changer for our business. Differentiating, insightful and sustaining growth at a time when it really mattered.

Senior Product Director, Novartis Pharmaceuticals