Design state-of-the-art Solstice Class cruise ship staterooms

  • Articulate Growth Strategies
  • Map & Transform Customer Experiences
  • Create Breakthrough New Products & Services
  • Build Business Models & Brands

Create a whole new class of ship to appeal to a new target – the female serial traveller who doesn’t cruise…yet.

  • Led “unconventional” immersions with a series of female travel & hospitality experts for unique insight into the serial traveller’s needs.
  • Conducted simulated travel scenarios for rapid iterations of design execution.
  • Created of some of the most uniquely designed and most female-relevant cruise ship staterooms and ideal cruise experiences in the category. 

Goosebumps Moment:

Discovering the importance of a shower shelf to shave a woman’s legs on a vessel that never stops moving.

They brought a unique combination of academic brilliance, a strong focus on delivering results, and an amazing ability to relate to both their clients and their customers to bring out their very best. The results were extremely powerful and were ultimately used to create some of the most uniquely designed cruise ship staterooms in the category.

Director Customer Insights, Royal Caribbean