Craft a dining experience that appeals to each family member

  • Articulate Growth Strategies
  • Map & Transform Customer Experiences
  • Create Breakthrough New Products & Services

Understand the Modern American Family’s dining ethos including distinct needs, attitudes, beliefs and routines that we can harness to take Denny’s to a new level of growth.

  • Mapped the experience journey, motivations and decision making insights and triggers for Denny’s most critical target, in preparation for a major relaunch.
  • Developed a detailed hierarchy of memorable moments as a roadmap to activation.

Goosebumps Moment:

Viewing the dining experience through the eyes of a 7 year old member of a 12 person family and what that truly feels like.

I love the perspective they bring to the experience, from their creative approach, observations and the remarkable gleaning of insights. It’s just the right mix of pushing our boundaries and staying within business realities.

Director of Marketing, Dennys