Bring a leading cannabis retail franchise model to the Ontario market with North American applicability

  • Map & Transform Customer Experiences
  • Create Breakthrough New Products & Services
  • Build Business Models & Brands

Develop a best in class cannabis retail franchise model for the Ontario market (with eventual North American application) and leverage those insights in crafting a well articulated customer experience and launch proposition. 

  • Identified a bulls-eye target, differentiating consumer insights, an understanding of the existing consumer experience journey, inherent frustrations and moments of truth that could be exploited within a strong and differentiated value proposition
  • Worked swiftly and iteratively with consumers, designers, architects, a beat poet, a musician, a movie set designer and an executive chef to craft a concept that was world class.
  • Developed a distinct retail design and detailed floor plan to support a leading franchise model launch. 

Goosebumps Moment:

The realization that the cannabis culture is all about community, but not one we were creating – it has existed for a long time and we were the newcomers.

To develop something unique and differentiated we knew that we had to approach our insight in a unique way. We couldn’t have asked for a better partner to work with us. Melinda brought so many different techniques to bear, from global scans of social media to understand consumer experience with and attitude toward cannabis, surfacing innovative retail designs across many categories to the deep, iterative approach to surfacing feelings, beliefs and needs of Ontario’s cannabis consumers. The work that we did together is foundational to our brand.

Head of Branding & Community Engagement, Mihi Cannabis