Build the ideal experience for TESLA drivers

  • Insight Articulation
  • Tesla driver experience mapping
  • New product & service innovation

Developed critical insights and ideas that would enhance the driving experience for TESLA drivers and create a more powerful relationship between Michelin and TESLA

  • Insights developed for communication & idea creation.
  • Communication brief developed for creative team.
  • Impactful presentation to communicate insights to TESLA.
  • App development feedback to make it easier for TESLA drivers to optimize the performance of their car and get replacement tires from Michelin.
  • Executive buy-in, investment and strong customer support.

Goosebumps Moment:

Realizing that Tesla drivers “test their Tesla” much like pro cyclists push their limits as an athlete.

The team led an engaging and insightful process that revealed that Tesla drivers understand that getting the best tires enhances the performance of the car, yet it is almost never something they consider during the purchase. We discovered how to change that. 

Director of Marketing, Michelin